Essential Ayurveda for Women

Essential Ayurveda for Women | The 3 Vital Tools


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This is a pre-recorded class. You will receive audio and video of this 2+ hour class to listen at your own leisure.


If you’re not feeling your best, most-likely, you need Prana.  And each of these tools infuses the cells with Prana for the deepest nourishment.

These tools have saved my life.  I have been told by other women the same.  We have all been at the bottom of our barrel, no more to give, anxious, and barely making it through the day.  And maybe you’re there right at this moment.  Over-taxed, over-giving, giving every last drop of yourself for your family, your career, just to get by.

Increase your Energy

Balance your Mood

Nourish your cells on all levels

Receive deep Healing

Change your Habits, Change your Life


In Ayurveda, oil is used for healing in so many ways.  The sanskrit word for oil is Sneha, which means ‘lavish love.’ And what a remedy for these days – just pour a little love on it!  This daily practice of Self Massage is deeply relaxing, nourishing on all levels, and helps the body in it’s natural, daily, detoxification processes.  Learn how to do this for yourself, which oils to use for your body type, and feel inspired to bring it into your life.


Herbal medicine can feel daunting to those who have not had a chance to study. But herbal medicine is for everyone!  Learn how to choose totally simple and safe herbs that are grown (and sold) locally for daily nourishing infusions.  This is MUCH more than TEA. An Infusion is an ancient and important way to use herbals and stay hydrated as well.  Fill your body with the energy of herbs, as well as calcium, magnesium, and other essential vitamins and minerals without taking a daily vitamin.


Learning how to breathe properly is life changing.  The more efficient the body can be in its use of oxygen, the degeneration of the body is slowed down.  Breath is also very much connected with the nervous system, and especially the enteric nervous system (think gut and digestion!) and we all know when we digest better, we receive deeper nourishment.  Come and learn how to add a daily breathwork practice into your life.  In this class I share my daily breathwork practice and how and why it’s worked for me (even with a toddler crawling all over me!)


I have personally used each of these tools from Ayurveda and Yoga and Herbal Medicine to stop anxiety attacks in their tracks, to recover from post-partum anxiety and depression, and to nourish myself when I felt totally at the bottom of my barrel, like I could barely put one foot in front of the other.

I am ever grateful that these tools have been shared with me – and now I can’t wait to give them to you.

You’re here because you’re ready for these life changing practices.