Essential Ayurveda for Women

Get practical tools from the Wisdom Traditions of Ayurveda and Maya Medicine

Get healthy and have a more fulfilling life as an awakened woman

Share these ancient tools in your healing practice



Feel like you’re thriving, not just surviving.

Have tools to heal your womb space at all stages of life.

Feel empowered in preparing for pregnancy and your post-partum time. 

Shift your life and cycles to align with the larger rhythms of nature.

Get out of monthly and daily pain.

Connect with supportive and like-minded women ready for transformation.



This is a 10 Week LIVE ONLINE Program


A Live Online Women’s Course and Gathering




Heard of vaginal steaming, but you’re not sure how (or why!) you should do it?

Do you work with women and want to be able to offer more to your female clients?

Looking for natural options for healing from fibroids and cysts?

Struggling with infertility without getting answers?

Painful periods, or raging PMS?

Desiring to (re)connect with your womb space in a loving way?

Looking for the lasting fix, rather than a quick bandaid?


There are ancient tools that fit into the in-between places – the places between wellness and where Western Medicine seems too invasive, that women can learn to use themselves to care for their reproductive health.

I find the tools from Ayurveda and Maya Medicine to be effective, safe, magical-feeling and most importantly – empowering for women.  This is true in all stages of life.

It is important to be taught not only the techniques, but the guiding principles, so you can truly practice safely and with knowledge of why, what and how they are used effectively.

I have used all of these practices myself to heal from painful periods, irregular cycles, and through conception, pregnancy, postpartum and into motherhood. I have had triumphs and failures, and still have faith in the power of these tools and experiment daily.

I believe every woman who is interested should have access to this ancient, yet relevant-than-ever and NECESSARY information.

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Adena’s Past Students Report:

“I had a lot of personal realization ah’has…Many personal things are coming up throughout my pregnancy right now and these [things] are really helping me process.” 
“I feel a renewed sense of vigor towards ensuring all of my practices are incorporated into my daily life, which is nourishing to my mental and physical health!”
“I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Maya massage and am looking so forward to trying Uttar Basti this week.  I am already feeling and noticing a change in my digestion since incorporating the massage daily…the Maya method has been amazing and I know that’s what it is because nothing else has changed (diet, lifestyle, etc.)…And in regards to Uttar Basti, I think I felt intimidated by it and having the clear, step-by-step directions with an herbal recipe gave me the “green light” I needed to practice this myself! 🙂 Thanks!”
“I feel so blessed and grateful to have been able to be a part of this course.  Infinite gratitude to you and the work you do.  Your teaching style was easy and comfortable to follow.  I got so much out of this course that I will be able to use throughout all stages of my life and be able to pass on to my daughters. Thank you Adena.” 

“As we discussed anatomy, both eastern & western, and some of the basic concepts of both Ayurveda & Mayan Abdominal work, certain aspects really resonated with me. I had a feeling of coming home, like a breath of fresh air, or of cool water on a hot day. I thought ‘where has this been all my life!’ and ‘I’m so grateful to have found this wisdom that is so much more full, complete, respectful, and free from ego and arrogance…”

“As a teacher you are warm, clear, and engaging. It’s obvious that your learning runs deep and that you have much to offer from personal experience as well as theory. I am nourished to know more tools to support myself and my loved ones; that there is a depth of healing and support for wombs out there, and that we as women can take that path as completely as we choose to.”

“I loved the class! …Just being introduced or re-introduced to the meditations was enough to pique my interest & give me some of the ‘keys’ I needed to further my own research.”


These practices may help women heal from:

  • Daily and major life stressors
  • Nutritional deficiency
  • Low energy
  • Anxiety
  • Inner conflict
  • PAIN: Painful periods, painful ovulation, painful digestion
  • Infertility
  • Fibroids and cysts
  • Endometriosis
  • Mid-cycle spotting
  • Irregular cycles (long or short or missing)
  • Feeling disconnected from their womb space
  • Trauma or loss


Nourishment. Breath. Oil. Herbs. Journaling. Ritual. Healing. Cycles. Safety. Empowerment. Prana.


Week 1 | The Language of Ayurveda for Women’s Bodies

Let’s dive into learning about what Ayurveda and Maya Medicine can do for women’s reproductive health – our root is our center.  We will return to the introductory Essentials class, and talk about abhyanga and pranayama (breathwork) as powerful life-changing tools. We will learn the guiding healing principles from Ayurveda and Maya Medicine, and look at your Anatomy and Physiology from both the Western and Eastern perspectives. Think ligaments, organs and hormones, as well as prana, the gunas and the doshas, the dhatus (tissues) and the vayus and how they play throughout your body.

Week 2 | Your Root

Faith inspires discipline. Take a trip around your pelvic bowl with a uterine meditation and learn your anatomy from the subtle sensations.  We will explore the balance of masculine and feminine energy in our lives, in our society, and discuss how we might experiment to find balance. Let’s dive deeper into the menstrual cycle and menstrual symptoms, and talk about VPK (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) influences.  We will learn about what an ideal, healthy cycle looks and feels like, as well as important menstrual self care (including digestion and menstruation.) We will learn what a displaced uterus can look like, and how you might know you have one – and what Ayurveda and ATMAT (Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy) can do about it.

Week 3 | Ancient Wisdom for Womb Healing

Uttar Vasti, Yoni Steaming, and Castor oil Packs for resolving painful periods and other pathologies.  We will use our new language of VPK to know when is the right time to practice these healing modalities, and when to avoid them.  Everything can be medicine or poison, depending on when and how you use it. We will use the language from Ayurveda to understand the signs. We will discuss the Self Care Massage you will be taught in your 1 on 1 session.

Week 4 | Herbal Allies

Everyday herbs, and home remedy tips for pain and dysmenorrhea.  Nourish your cells daily with local herbal infusions, and become a little bit of a kitchen witch.  We will also return to any unanswered questions about the big 3 from last week.

Week 5 | How to do a seasonal cleanse, cleansing for pregnancy preparation

In Ayurveda, our health is related to our digestion and how we nourish ourselves, and our reproductive health is one of the deepest places of our being where nourishment must find its way.  I will discuss the core principles of an Ayurvedic cleanse, and when it is appropriate and traditional to cleanse. Any student who is interested ay choose to participate in a simple cleanse this week (deeper cleansing can be scheduled 1 on 1.) We will practice Nadi Shodhana (Yogic breathwork practice), and learn why it is effective for hormonal imbalances.

Week 6 | Charting your fertility for pregnancy, prevention and health

We will dive into a BONUS session with Justisse Method practitioner, Wong, and have a Q&A in our live class about how to start charting more accurately. Knowing your ovulation signs can bring you freedom from hormonal birth control, fear about becoming pregnant (or not), and bring answers about your overall wellbeing. We will also discuss important menstrual self care, and fun tips and tricks from Ayurveda about conceiving a child with the sex of your choice.

Week 7 | Special Foods for Pregnancy and Herbal Support and Safety

Look at the 40 weeks of pregnancy through traditional Ayurveda, we can see how this science views the different stages, trimesters, and development, and which foods are the most nourishing. Let’s have an open discussion about herbal safety during pregnancy – and go back to the valuable daily herbals that are still safe to incorporate.

Week 8 | 40 Day Sacred Window, The Principles of Post Partum Care

Ayurveda as well as TCM have specific guiding principles for the post partum window. Our culture seems to have a big black hole here. So let’s fill it – nourishing foods, recipes, permission (and presciption) for stillness. Whether you’re going to this place, or plan to help other women who will be, there is value in learning how important this short window is to the health of the woman, and our communities.

Week 9 | Transitions, becoming Queen, moving into the Power of Menopause

I want to share the importance of creating ritual in your life at any stage, and give resources for reading about or creating your own. Women have natural initiation periods in their lives, but ritual can help us integrate and heal through those changes. I am not in this stage of life myself, so I plan to invite women and teachers in to share stories. Sharing our personal stories with each other can be a core catalyst for healing through any transition. You are not alone.

Week 10 | A Balanced Home and Family, the Possibilities

Everyone has 24 hours in a day. How can you prioritize balance, which means honoring your needs, as well as your families’? Another conscious community discussion on how to walk the talk, how to live authentically, as well as make mistakes as you experiment with the mindful way of loving and living as a women in this world.


PLUS | There’s more…

  • Each student will receive a full 1 on 1 Skype or Phone consultation with Adena.  In this 1 on 1 time, we will discuss these techniques in relation to your personal health concerns, as well as going over in detail, Self care Massage for the Abdomen from the Maya tradition.* This is only taught in the 1 on 1 sessions.
  • LIVE calls and interviews with Ayurvedic Practitioners, herbalists, and other experts in their fields in women’s health and healing.
  • This course will be available for 25 NAMA PACE Continuing education credits.


This class is taught live each week through online webinar.  It will be recorded so you can re-listen, or catch up if you miss a session, but the beauty is that we are all gathering together and discussing topics long suffered in silence for a majority of women.  In each session there will be time for live Q&A with Adena to clarify the information shared.  And of course, in your 1 on 1 session, you’ll each be able to choose what is right for you to practice at this time.

In my experience, the energy arrives just in the gathering, the attention brought in this direction by a group of women invite the healing to happen before any other action needs to take place.

Though there is a lot of information that will be. shared, I hope this serves to be an awakening of the healing power inherent within you all!

This is a program for women looking to learn real skills to use in all stages of their life, to change the way they bring awareness to all aspects of their being.  It’s for women ready to commit, to show up, and invest time and energy into their self healing.


To Be Announced Shortly!


The course will meet in weekly live video lessons, and live discussions with the whole group.  They will be live, but also recorded if you miss a session.

From a follower on instagram: “I used Uttara Vasti to heal my womb and help my fertility after 3 unsuccessful years of trying to get pregnant, 3 years of western medical fertility tests (all that came back healthy) and the diagnosis of unexplained infertility and the recommendation of doing IVF. That was not the path I wanted to take (no judgement, just not for me). I dove in…and never looked back….I’m so happy that you are teaching it! I hope more women can reclaim this beautiful knowledge.”

The healing practices are beneficial for women from menarche through and into menopause.* Contact me with any questions.



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*This course is open to all whom identify with being a woman, womyn, womxn.  I realize that I may not be able to serve all adequately, and that I realize that I am open to and in need for more education and inclusion.  I invite anyone to reach out to me for clarification or questioning to find out if this class will serve you.

Price 1100 Pilot Program discount 950. Payment plans available.


Not sure if you’re ready for a full ten weeks? Take my introductory course for just $25.