Practical and authentic natural healing with Ayurveda and Yoga

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In this free consultation, you will learn about your symptoms and solutions through an Ayurvedic lens. I use herbal recommendations, diet and routine changes, yoga practices and massage therapies as necessary for your healing process. I can encourage you to make the positive changes you have always wanted, and show you that you have the power to heal.

“…the food combining information as well as the way I eat foods has changed my digestion dramatically.” – T.O., Burlington, Vermont

“Working with Adena helped me to really walk my talk.  I am in the wellness industry and practicing what I preach can be tricky at times.  Adena has inspired me to create a morning and evening routine that support how I want to live.  She has guided me to a spacious place where it’s easier to hear and tend to my body’s needs.” – K.S., Waterbury, Vermont