“Adena is extremely attentive and attuned to her clients’ needs, and offers a comprehensive experience that honors and harmonizes with one’s mind, body, soul and Spirit.” – J.K., Reiki Master Teacher


Three common foods that could be causing or aggravating your IBS

“I’m having zero digestive issues.” This simple sentence was recently sent to me from one of my students who finished The Healing Diet pilot I ran this Fall.   She hadn’t realized how much her digestive problems were controlling her life.  They affected her daily.  After applying what she’s learned about good digestion from Ayurveda – they don’t.  Her sleep… Read more →

New Year Cleanse Promo

Do you want to have a mindful start to the New Year?

ADENA ROSE AYURVEDA and VIDYA come together for an Ayurvedic-inspired New Year’s Detox For many, this is a challenging time of year. Here in the Northern Hemisphere it’s getting darker, and colder, and darker….and colder… Yet we need a cleanse… It’s not only the weather which invites us to indulge in heavier, sweet foods. The holidays are at time of… Read more →


Have you self-diagnosed IBS?

We’re into week 10 of my 10 week program, The Healing Diet.  Throughout the weeks, I noticed similar questions come up over and over again.  These questions are questions I know my students now have the answers to – but they involved some of their most-common, daily-ritualized foods, and changing those ingrained habits are hard to make.  Some foods and… Read more →


Ever tried Reiki?

The more I come into my practice of Ayurveda and Yoga (A&Y), the more I am in tune with the subtle. And how powerful that awareness can be.   Subtle awareness and understanding can yield not so subtle results. In fact, I find that so many of my clients tend to ‘forget’ they had such serious issues in the past,… Read more →