Ayurveda for Fertility

Ayurveda for Fertility, Preconception and Postpartum Care


  • Get healthy and balanced for a conscious conception using Ancient Healing modalities from Ayurveda and Mayan Medicine
  • Our work together cultivates the optimal environment for achieving conception naturally according to Ayurveda. If you’re planning to conceive in now or years down the road, start your journey now. 
  • With mindfulness and intention, we can invite a peaceful soul into our lives, and into the world.

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Who this is for |

  • Women who hope to conceive within 6 months to 2 years
  • You want to go off of hormonal birth control and learn about coming back to your natural cycles
  • You want to be in the best health you can be to carry your child through pregnancy
  • You want to learn more about herbs and diet for preparing healthy egg and sperm
  • You believe that it matters to set intentions for inviting in an optimal soul
  • You want guidance and support through the transition into motherhood

What you may receive |

  • Be guided through a personally tailored deep Ayurvedic cleanse
  • Receive 6 private 1-on-1 Sessions, herbal and diet advice tailored to you
  • Learn how to observe and chart your fertility signs (Even fertility ‘specialists’ can often get it wrong!)
  • Get private instruction in ATMAT – Maya Abdominal Therapy self massage technique
  • Learn how to use traditional healing modalities for healing painful periods, aligning your cycle with the moon, and healing your womb for optimal fertility (Vaginal steaming, uttar basti, yoga, self massage, as deemed necessary)
  • Use diet and herbs to become balanced and rejuvenated for your’s and babe’s best health
  • Learn about conscious conception practices from ancient Ayurveda for connection with your partner, and possible intending the sex of the child

 Continue past three months |

Someone to talk to during your pregnancy!  Herbals information on what is safe to take during pregnancy. Information on post partum care and recipes. Guidance and loving care through an intense time of transformation.

How it works| 

  • Meet twice per month through Skype for consultations
  • Email support unlimited during our work together
  • Local clients optional to add-on bodywork


Apply and receive a free 20 minute phone consultation to find out if this is right for you

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 WANT TO GET BOTH PARTNERS INTO IT? Special options to include your partner in full or partial coaching. 

Listen to my 30 minute talk on Ayurveda and the menstrual cycle and Natural Fertility.



For some of us, having a child is a huge challenge. We had one successful pregnancy through IVF and were overjoyed with the birth of our son. However, years later, and many more attempts at IVF again (and again) we were failing to become pregnant.
A dear friend of mine suggested Ayurvedic Counsel, and it changed everything for us.
Adena came to my home, and I shared my process of what making a baby looks like.
The hormones and shots, stress and doctor visits. So much beyond my control- it was literally overwhelming.

Thankfully Adena had a new process to share;
We talked about what foods I ate, and how I slept. We talked about my stress levels and how to stay present and calm. Adena suggested herbs to drink, and a diet that would match with the season. Small tweaks that made a big difference.
With so much beyond our control with fertility, it felt wonderful to hear there were things I could do to help my body balance.
Adena taught me a new way of healing myself and making my mind and body the healthy garden I would need for growing another baby.
Our next attempt at a Natural round of IVF (using one of our frozen embryos!) I became pregnant with our daughter.
These techniques Adena shares through her Ayurvedic Practice still stay with me. I have passed them on to friends and family in similar situations…it really has changed everything!” – Emily, Vermont