An Ayurvedic Cleanse

As of 2016, this group cleanse will only be for my Healing Diet students. You may apply for my personalized cleansing program here.

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 This Spring’s Cleanse will be a self-guided Ayurvedic Cleanse, through instructional video and daily email support, as well as access to a live forum.  Adena will moderate questions in the Facebook forum, and you will be thoroughly prepared with a live call, and supported through daily emails throughout your process.

Excellent for beginners, or seasoned cleansers looking for new recipes and guidance through your process.


Live Q&A call for cleanse preparation for all Spring Cleanse Members will be April 23, 2016 at 11:15 a.m.


What is an Ayurvedic Cleanse?

“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.”  An Ayurvedic Cleanse is a 7-Day online cleanse you can join in the comfort of your own home. By eating a clean, simple diet, and learning daily self-care techniques, you can begin to cleanse toxins from your system, and begin to make lasting changes in your health.   An Ayurvedic cleanse is clarifying but also nourishing, because it is NOT a fast.

“Thank you so much for your beautiful seven day ayurvedic cleanse. I loved every bit of it. I have never enjoyed a cleanse before, but every aspect of your program was gentle, flexible, yummy, and inspiring. The morning routines easily fit my schedule and the self massage and yoga were delightfully nurturing.The food was delicious, filling, and restorative as well as cleansing. I have even more energy, more peace, and more inspiration than before!  I can’t thank you enough for sharing your wisdom and experience to help  create what felt, to me, much more like a home spa week, than any cleanse I have ever experienced in the past.”

Ann Albers, Author, Spiritual Instructor

According to Ayurveda, the change of seasons is the natural time to cleanse. A regular seasonal cleansing routine will serve as way to jump-start your own process of self-healing and determination.  It is a time to reset our intentions and realign ourselves with the changing seasons, boost agni (metabolism) as well as burn up or remove ama (toxins.) A great idea for all – can greatly benefit those suffering from seasonal allergies, fatigue, mental cloudiness, seasonal depression, menstrual difficulties, or skin issues.

Ayurveda emphasizes the importance of our connection with the natural world and its rhythms as a keystone to preventative medicine practices. By establishing daily and seasonal routines, we become more harmonious with these rhythms. Part of this routine involves regular, seasonal practicing of purification and rejuvenation. Preventative medicine involves establishing one’s self in good habits – habits that we probably tell ourselves already that we want to stop or start to improve our lives.

So, why cleanse anyway?

The aims of this cleanse involve removing ama from the tissues, rekindling agni, and increasing our peacefulness and clarity while we rest and reflect on habits and patterns.

“A huge thanks to you and your support over the past week! The last 3 days of my cleanse have been full of happiness and energy! I am continuing on with self massage, lemon water, and remembering to eat warm foods for lunch. Plus now I have a bunch of new recipes that are healthy and things I would never have known about!”

– Rachel

We easily become accustomed and habituated to unwholesome habits, like eating unhealthy food, sleeping and exercising irregularly, or ignoring our stressors. It is very helpful to temporarily change your daily routines, that you may open yourself to seeing and feeling from new perspectives, and inquire into which habits are supporting your health and which are undermining it.  Nourishment and rejuvenation is just as or even more important than any purgatory action.  This cleanse has both.

How do I do it?

This 7-day cleansing program is accessed online.  You will receive daily email guidance, with recipes, preparation instructions, and yoga and a cleanse outline for each day. You will have access to all of the cleansing materials at once, in an online classroom as well, so you can see everything ahead of time.  Online classroom and forum will open April 15th.

Once you register, you will be in the next course, and receive login instructions one week before we begin.

Over the course of 7 days you will remove known toxins from your diet, be in bed 8 hours per night, practice a 5 day kitchari mono diet, sip on metabolism supporting and toxin reducing teas, luxuriate in self massage and warm baths or showers, and practice gentle meditation and yoga.

You’ll have a chance to ask questions, and feel completely supported throughout the week, as well as with transitioning out of the cleanse on the Facebook forum.


What you will receive:
-Full preparation instructions for how to best prepare for your cleanse, including shopping lists
– Daily emails with instructions and support

– Access to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions and share insights
– Recipes for kitchari and herbal teas
– Video instruction for relaxing meditation and breathing practices (pranayama)
– Instruction for self-massage and a video on how to use a neti pot (optional, but something you may have always wanted to try!)


I am excited to be sharing this process with you – it is through this process that I have experienced the most personal healing.  Please contact me if you have questions before you register.

Love, Adena


Q&A about how the course works:

Q:  Are the recipes suitable for Vegan/Vegetarian diets?

All of the recipes are vegetarian, and can be made vegan if you replace ghee with coconut oil.  The kitchari recipe is gluten-free, though not all of the suggested integration recipe are.  They are simply guidlines for eating whole foods, and you can make your own modifications and choices during those days.

Q: Will I need to purchase special ingredients?
Yes. Specific items for your meals and for teas are listed in the course materials in your shopping list and will be mentioned in the preparation email upon registration. You’ll have a chance to ask additional questions in our live call.

Q: What do I need to join this course?

A decent internet connection, and self-motivation to access the online classroom, and take daily action based on email guidance. <3

More Testimonials:

“While working with Adena to complete a week long ayurvedic cleanse, I felt both empowered and supported. This was a cleanse I had wanted to do for a long time but found it difficult to do alone. She made it easy and created a plan that worked perfectly for my body and life style. She provided the tools, resources, and support I needed during this very important time. Adena is a wonderful teacher and is extremely knowledgeable of both yoga and ayurveda. You should also be warned that she makes the most delicious coconut and rose water macaroons. If you’re interested in ayurveda, whether it be a cleanse, massage or even something such as ayurvedic cooking lessons, I highly recommend Adena Rose to help you along your path.” – Danielle

“After being diagnosed with celiac disease (almost 2 years ago) I was feeling very overwhelmed and lost about how to feed myself in a healthy way.  I felt totally out of touch with my body and what it needed.  Through a guided kitchari cleanse I was able to learn so much about how to cook and eat in new ways that are gentle on my healing digestive system.  After the first week long cleanse I felt so much more grounded and stable and continue to incorporate things that I learned into my daily life.  I would recommend this to anyone with digestive issues, whether diagnosed or not.” – Katelyn

“I am one of those people who know what is good for me, but also one of those people who find it really hard to break bad habits.  I have been going along for some time now feeling lazy and having soreness in my joints, but chalking it up to old age.  It was not until I broke out in a rash that I decided to go for help to my dermatologist.  I was treated for the rash with pharmaceuticals, but the aches and pains were still there.  After consulting with another doctor and after many blood tests that turned up with nothing wrong with other than some allergy, Adena consulted with me and suggested the cleanse, which I now see offered on her website.

I have to say, after two days on the diet, I felt better, and after a week, I was feeling much better.  It became easier to maintain a better diet, and I had no interest in eating things not organically grown.   I was on a better path, and it was easy.  Then came a vacation that included some of my old friends…sugar, wine, meat.  I could feel the pains return to severe within two days, and demanded myself to turn back and feel good again.  There is no doubt in my mind that Adena Rose’s notion that I needed a liver cleanse was correct…and that was just the food and tea.  Now I am going to do it again with the massage and some of her other treatments and go back to living a better lifestyle, because I have to if want a pain free life!  Thank you Adena!” – Linda

This is not a replacement for personal guidance through your cleansing process. If you have any concerns as to whether or not this cleanse is right for you, contact me right away. A guided cleanse includes a 90 minute lifestyle consultation and a follow-up, and personal email and phone correspondence. Please do contact me if you have questions about a guided cleanse.
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